An ultrasonic massage with the Body Skincare Tool of the Zeitgard Pro device* gives your body a firmer and more even appearance. When used daily in combination with the LR ZEITGARD Body Cream, it strengthens connective tissue and reduces cellulite.

Ultrasonic vibrations penetrate a few centimetres into the skin. Here, they can help liquify fat within the skin cells. Thanks to the vibrating massage effect of the Body Skincare Tool, the liquified fat in the skin cells is able to reform evenly, making the skin appear smoother and firmer In addition, thanks to ultrasound technology, the active ingredients of the LR ZEITGARD Body Cream with active ingredient transport system can penetrate deeper and faster into the skin. When used regularly, an active ingredient depot builds up in the deeper skin layers, resulting in a long-lasting effect.

*The cosmetic care device with interchangeable heads has been filed for a Patent in Germany: 10 2022 200 747.6