More freshness and rejuvenation for the eye area!

If your everyday life leaves visible marks on the skin of your eyes, making you look tired, Nanogold provides the solution! The 2 in 1 Eye Cream & Mask protects and strengthens the skin, while it is enriched with soy and rice peptides, which visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. The puffiness under the eyes is treated and the delicate skin of the specific area looks visibly firmer, smoother and renewed.

Nanogold products are enriched with gold and silk particles and are suitable for women up to 40 years old. The gold particles enhance collagen and its production, improving skin elasticity. Silk proteins give the skin a silky soft feel and protect it from the effects of the external environment. The renewed composition of the cream is enriched with the Active Ingredients Transport System, thanks to which the encapsulated active ingredients effectively penetrate inside the cell.

For maximum effectiveness, apply the cream with the Zeitgard Pro Face Smoothing Tool.